In the realm of my photography, I embark on a captivating journey into the heart of underrepresented cultures within the immersive narratives of science fiction. My lens delves into the hidden depths of underground scenes spanning the vibrant cities of London, Berlin, Paris, and New York City. In this ever-evolving landscape, I explore themes deeply rooted in the existential, mythological, film noir, and the inexorable rise of artificial intelligence.

My desire as a photographer is not merely to capture moments frozen in time, but to seize the essence of the human experience within these intricate tapestries. I am driven by a commitment to challenge contemporary preconceptions, to peel back the layers of our reality, and to reveal the profound narratives that often go unnoticed. My lens becomes a portal through which I heroically magnify the individual within the collective, amplifying voices and stories that have long yearned to be heard.

Through my work, I invite viewers to join me on a visual odyssey, to question the boundaries of our existence, and to embrace the enigmatic beauty that resides in the interplay between the familiar and the unknown. Each photograph is a testament to the resilience and spirit of the human soul, as it navigates the complexities of our modern world, always seeking to redefine, reimagine, and reclaim its place in the ever-unfolding narrative of our shared human journey.

I've had the privilege of capturing captivating visuals for a diverse range of magazines and reputable brands, which I continue to do with steadfast passion. Currently I enjoy shooting up and coming musicians in the London scene.